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COOL MAT  $25.00

* Designed by a veterinarian to cool only the dog's chest/abdomen area (vital organs)
* Our size fits all dogs
* Fits in a cooler so you can re-cool it when necessary
* Can be moistened with warm/hot water
* Is only 5 lbs. after soaking
* Contents are nontoxic crystals
* Reusable

Our Cool Mat is 13" x 20" and is better because it's important for the dog to be able to get off the mat. (Like the ice pack theory!) Those mats that are designed to fill the full size of the crate floor prevents the dog from being able to get off it. This allows the dog to regulate use of the cool mat according to their needs, not our perception of the need. Additionally the size means that most individuals can move it without a team effort.

Once wet this product can be microwaved to give warm/moist therapy to ageing hips and joints (humans and canine). Or on a cold night in a hotel room with no heat, is a bed warmer.


$10.00 each
2 for $18.00

These are cold water activated to put around your neck or your dog's neck to beat the heat. Coolness lasts over 2 hours. Great for working your dog or while you are working in the yard. Assorted prints. Also, hot water activated for stiff necks.
SUNSHADE 6' x 6'..........$45.00
6 'x 12'....... $75.00
10' x 12'.... $118.00
12' x 20'.....$189.00
These are 87% UV protection, of reflective material and allows a high percentage of any breeze to come through.


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