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"My husband and I compete with at least two dogs at a time. The Timbercreek Crates are wonderful. They are so easy to carry and set up. Our dogs love them. We can also see through the crates to keep our eye on the kids. They also enjoy their matching crate mats, also made by Timbercreek!"
-Susan, Cincinnati, OH

"I've been really pleased with my crate. Probably my favorite place to use it is at indoor shows. I also like using it in motel rooms while we're traveling to shows because the rooms are usually so small and I hate dragging in their traveling crates. And of course, it's extremely lightweight, so even a Large crate is convenient for me to carry around."
-Amy, Columbus, OH

"I've got my crate at a dog show for it's ease of portability, and that it folds down to almost nothing. Since then, I have used it EVERYWHERE. It stays in my truck, and I use it at my family and friends house when I have my best friend with me--Almost always. I use the crate almost every day, it is light and easy to carry. I LOVE these easy portable crates. I have used this crate when we go camping as a cool down place, or a dry off place when my boy jumps in the lake to swim, and it is so easy to clean. I will always use my Timbercreek Acres crate. Thanks for the best crate I have ever used."
-Jenny, Cleveland, OH

"As a local AKC Public Education Coordinator, I frequently handle and demo many dogs in a wide variety of busy and unpredictable situations. Having a Canine Collapsible Crate on hand makes my job a whole lot easier and keeps the dog feeling safe, comfortable and relaxed. Sometimes at these events, I even have my four year old little boy in tow - need I say more! The crate conveniently collapses then folds, and can be carried on my shoulder. Off I go with dog on lease, crate on shoulder and hand in hand with my little boy. I've been using the Timbercreek Canine Collapsible Crate since it first came out on the market and I can't say enough good things about this product. I highly recommend it."
-Karen, Cincinnati, OH

"With Rheumatoid arthritis, I have difficulty lifting and moving many things. Thank goodness for my Canine Collapsible Crate. Because of this product, I can still show my Golden Retriever. My crate only weighs 8 pounds and is easily carried on my shoulder. Thank you TimberCreek Acres."
-Kathy, Durham, NC

"My one year old Collie is very happy in his Timbercreek Acres Collapsible Crate. I am also happy not to be lugging around a heavy metal crate. It is so pleasant to be able to make one trip; dog, crate and all. I have had this crate four years and it is still in perfect condition. I am very pleased with the quality and ease of use."
-Kim, Columbus, OH

"I've purchased 2 of your canine collapsible crates and wanted to tell you how great they are, especially the XL for my Irish Wolfhound, O-Day. Traditional crates that are big enough to fit O'Day comfortably are too big to be easily portable. They're so heavy it takes a dolly to move them, they are a 30 minutes wrestling to put up and take down, and they take up so much space you need a separate room just for the crate.
YOUR XL crate fits O'Day nicely, goes us and down in 2 minutes and can be carried by me in one hand so I can move crate and dog in and out of the motel in one trip. We made a 23 week trip back east with O'Day and 2 of our English Bulldogs, using your crates for all of them and stopping at a new place each night. Your crates were absolutely a joy! I've also used them successfully at shows for both breeds without any problems. Thanks so much for a great product!"
-Ellen, Columbus, OH

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